Friday, June 27, 2014

Essays of an Enigma, and Worse a Woman : I Feel, Therefore I Am

Essays of an Enigma, and Worse a Woman : I Feel, Therefore I Am

June 4, 2014 at 9:02pm
I've been told that feelings aren't real. If you wish to disagree you will either be wrong, or.... I only "thought" I loved you.
This isn't really a battle of mind over feeling; but taking the two words "emotion" and "logic" let us compare them.

Emotion comes from the French "emovere" which means to stir up, agitate, move. Logic on the other hand is simply cognitive thought or reasoning. As far as thinking and using your head can get you in life it will never take you as far as feeling will.

I plead my case. It is well understood that you were not created using logic. Both of your parents acted upon feelings. And the process of your birth did not come about by logic.... It was very full of emotion. You are a work of art. You are inspired. You are a product of emotion- not logic. You were not thought into existence. You were felt.

If I were to simply think or reason that I was hungry after having consumed three cheeseburgers - I highly doubt I would be able to consume a fourth. But if I were to feel that I were still hungry, I would absolutely help myself to a fourth. Feelings are real. Logic is just a crutch for those who have not yet mastered the art of feeling.

"I feel therefore I am." If only Emerson had been gifted with the ability to feel he would have mastered logic. Instead he thought too much and felt too little. Computers are programmed to think, pattering our computing brains. But they are dead objects. They have no emotion, just the logic you taught them. Anything without emotion is dead. Emotion is a driving force, a dynamism, a motive that pushes us to act.

As far as what is and what isn't, I can ask you to think that you are standing in water and no matter how much thinking you accomplish you will not really experience any water against your skin. But if I set you in the bathtub and fill it with water you will feel it. Once you have felt it, you will then and only then will you be able to think properly.

I can also try to convince you to think that a potted cactus is sitting on the table next to you. Logically it is not but you are thinking that it is. Reach out and touch where your logical cactus is. Did you feel anything? Doubtful, unless you are a hypnotist or a wizard. Now allow me to set a potted cactus on the table. Feel it. Once you have felt it you will have experienced emotion and have found logic. There really is a potted cactus next to you. You didn't think it was there until you felt it.

So to those of you who joust under the banner of logic: you may continue "only thinking" that you love someone, while the rest of us "really feel" that we do.

The enigma, and worse a woman
Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising.

Words are emotions, not thoughts. Thoughts make noise in your head. Emotions make noise everywhere else in the world- in color, texture, taste, and sound. ~ Laurisa Borlovan

Friday, June 20, 2014


My about me mentions that I enjoy "collecting" treasure.  As an artist I like to surround myself with beauty. Artist are generally very altruistic and philanthropic, but I might just have a touch of "hoarder" in me too.  

I seem to be amassing this treasure... filling a sort of aerie with things I hope to take with me into married life.  I've always wanted a hope chest.  I'm going to need a hope truck soon.  Come quickly Mr. Right!  

My life is by no means cluttered.  If you know me, everything has a place and is always IN Its place.  But I've been blessed with wonderful things wonderful people have given me, and wonderful things I've purchased for.... modest sums.  Seriously modest sums... like this is marble or onyx Turkish tea set that normally runs $150. 
An elder lady sold it to me at a yard sale for $15.  No, I didn't leave the zero off, I mean FIFTEEN dollars.  Like how did that happen? 

I'm thrilled.  Yes, yes, earthly tweasures will pass away.  Lay not up tweasure for yourself on earth.... 

I know, but this stuff just seems to fall into my hands.  I don't go looking for this stuff.  I didn't even know what a Turkish tea set was until the elder lady told me.  How fortunate that she wanted to give it to me for $15.

 Now.... where to store it until my new life as a wife...

One of my latest obsessions has been gem and stone pyramids.  I wish so badly that I could have one of the wooden layered ones like the brothers did at the Creations class recently-- with the church ages and messenger names burned on, but these rocks are pretty neat!

The collection started with the white marble one.  Then I decided to add a natural color crystal.... and then I stumbled across da BIGGA von which has four marble layers.  Gorgeous.

God sure put a lot of beauty into His rocks.  There are so many different kinds of marble, jasper, onyx, and.... the list is endless.

Maybe it's a pointless collection for some, but they are fascinating to me.  Sometimes, when I am sitting in my room, they will catch my eye.  And every time they make me think of beautiful Mt. Zion, the city of God.  I try to imagine what it might look like, that beautiful city with it's precious walls and gates and foundations.

They make me long for home.  My tweasure is where my heart is.  And this tweasure...makes me think of the glory of what will be.... when we've reached eternity.


Your lady gryphon

Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th: Goldie-Locks and the Cheshire Cat

I'm getting OLD!!  I turned 22 this week, and since it fell on a Wednesday, most people were shocked that I spent the afternoon in church instead of "doing something wild" or "celebrating."

What was weird, is that my family got around to celebrating on this Friday the 13th.  There happened to be a full moon tonight, which wont happen again until 2049.  I need to see if the Vatican was doing anything special this Friday the 13th.

As many of you know, of course I'm not superstitious.  Hardly.  But I got this crazy idea, since I had a leftover canvas and paint from a project, to paint this money-scheme.... If I did what the superstitious would NEVER attempt....and DARE to paint a picture on Friday the 13th!...some creepy person out there might buy the painting for... a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!

Anyway, It took forever to settle on what to paint.  I didn't want to do anything weird...  You might think this is weird.  It arouses my morbid humor.  This painting... is what I see Friday the 13th to be. ....a sneaky little creature going around saying Boo! making people fear the day.

I started with little sketching.  The behind picture- I did not feel comfortable with.  The moon was in Sagittarius tonight -- and I don't like Centaurs myself, but the Bible in the Stars states that the constellation is really a Centaur-- a representation of the two natures of Christ.
Brother Branham did say God's other Bible was in the stars, but I wish we could have had a Christ centered astrology lesson from Him because I would love to know if the Centaur image is pure, or Babylonian influenced.  It's interesting nonetheless.

But I saw a cat.  A sneaky little trickster cat.

This was only my fourth oil painting in my entire life, and I think I'm getting the hang of it.  They're so much fun and there's so much you can do with them.  I've never done dark pictures before... so working with a full moon and hazy gray scale was interesting.  

That's me....letting my right arm do it's thing.

It kind of looked like a black cat at first.  

And then it started to look like bad luck had struck.  
Like pink toothpaste or taffy.

Or red velvet cake. 
So then I got dragged inside for a birthday party... my party.
This year, I got two presents.  That's big.

I had NO idea...what was about to happen.  I was blond...and clueless.

I was made to open mysterious packages.

DOOMED!  It was worse than I had anticipated!

This a major inside joke...on me.
The hub was wonderfully appreciated.

So after the party, I photographed the finishing touches.  I'm not sure where the inbetweens kind of get swept away in the fervency of creating.

Alice in Wonderland is not a story or film I would show my kids... it's just weird.  But I'm familiar with it from school studies and the Cheshire Cat is mad, the maddest of them all, and proud of it.  And so he represents this sneaky, greasy, sly day that people fear.  Just like the devil, he slinks around causing fear and apprehension.  When you see him....are you scared?

I decided to pose with it under costume... I know, weird. Blonds sell products.  Maybe I'll use this picture to help sell the painting in the future.

Ok, I was kidding.  Not blond FOREVER.  So that is how I painted Friday the 13th.  It is finished, but still drying.  I will sign it on the back once it is dry and hopefully, sell it as an original...for a lot of money.

And this is the book cover I've been working on.  It's still drying too.  I'll add gold and shadow to the lettering to make it stand off the page once it dries. Then I can look forward to publishing my second book, which I hope will be the first of a wonderful epic fantasy series.  I call it fantasy-- it is in actuality a Christian allegory as I cannot work with characters without worrying about their souls-- 
Seriously!  How can you write about a character and never deal with their soul?! I can't.  So it's an allegory but it'll be listed under fiction/fantasy as publication limits classification categories.  
There is a Lion named Aridai, and a special Sword (The King's Sword) named Aedrhem, and a white eagle named Ruel, which means Friend of God.  But I wont ruin the story for you.  I hope to have it published by September of this year.

So for now, the blond wig hangs in my closet.  I'll pull it out for my next madcap idea...


Your Blond

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coconut Cake

Isn't it strange?: How a guy can find favor in a good woman's eyes and the first thing she wants to do is feed him?

You find out he likes Coconut and you say to yourself, "The first dessert I'm going to make him is a coconut cake!" .....

Must be a mothering instinct shining through-- not that we might pity him.  His mother is likely a cook to learn from.

But there's something wonderful about finding out that your palates, if not somewhat complimentary, are entirely compatible.   That's your favorite food?  Mine too!!

What?!  You like shrimp all different ways?  Me too?!  Spicy food?!  AWESOME!

Cooking is an art, so naturally I will do well.  It's also a lot like writing a story or composing a song for the taste buds.  You put in all the right spices and ingredients to hold the eaters interest and the textures are like the verbs guiding the tongue over the landscapes of beautiful worlds.  It really is amazing.

I want people to explore my world through cooking.  Each culture has something to offer in their cuisine. My favorite one to offer is Gumbo, not that I'm Cajun- though I may look it- but it's one of my favorite dishes and everyone simply has to try it.

If I can cook and share the meals I like to cook, I can let you taste my world.  It's the "god-author" in me coming out again.  I don't just like control.  I really want you to see the same beautiful things I experience every day.

Bon Appetite
Your Roux Chef

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Old Dream

I know it's been forever since I posted last.  But there was a computer switchover and stuff and all the other crazy things that have been going on in my life that have prevented me from wood burning like I used to.  But I'm still being productive.

This year's excitement was purchasing some spring riding lessons- which are as of today....over for the summer.  Bummer.  It's just too hot down here to ride in the summer apparently.

This is me, on Old Joe.  Joseph is his real name.

He's an old booger sometimes but know-it-alls age just like the rest of us saps.

My instructor tells me I'm a natural and I seemed to catch on very quickly.  I can't wait to come back in the fall and ride again.  It's not just my dream for me.  It's my dream for others.  EVERYONE needs to learn to ride.  If you haven't, you haven't lived.

Cows and Corn are two are my favorite smells. (that and the wheat stalks near my bed).  I love riding down a country road smelling the air and catching wiffs of ripening corn and grazing cows.  Its beautiful.  It makes you feel whole.  I come alive out in the country.  That's where my heart yearns to be.

Your Horsey-girl

Monday, March 24, 2014


I thought I made up that word.  Nope.  Webster beat me to it.  Turns out, I'm a romantasizer.  BIG TIME. Take that Webster.

So my current obsession: basically, the noun that consumes me at the moment -- started with an innocent quiz.  Please infect yourself here before proceeding:  Princess Quiz

Okay, now that you have been infected, you like I, will suffer until you have sat down once again and watched this Cult Classic.  I plan on suffering until I can sit down and watch it with a special friend someday. Okay...I'll probably break down and see it before then.  Admitted.

So here are a few of my favorite memes and quotes.

"Give us the gate key." (The Princess Bride) This part is so funny! :)

Okay, I can stop here because I know that you have been thoroughly infected and will take it from here.
REVIEW  I have linked cinemagogue's article on the film here because when I stumbled across it I found it interesting.

I don't entirely agree with that sort of look at the film.  You could look for spiritual allusions in any work of fiction, yes.  I often do.  But what I wish to say about Cinemagogue's article is that these elements are the ingredients that have made this film so well loved and received.

Whether people admit it or not, the love story Christ gave us is truly the greatest of ALL so any of the elements taken from that great love story and thrown into a concoction of our own is going to make it all taste good.

So go rent the film or if you already own it, sit down with your special someone and watch it again. Me...I've got a little shopping to do.

Your Buttercup,

PS- Had a little computer issues lately which is why I haven't been able to post.  I will always come for you.

      I will always come for you.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips on Experimenting with the Dark Side

So all you sugar and GMO soy lovin' Hershey worshippers: I offer you hopeless candy connoisseurs tips on trying something real.  And good for you.

I wont rant on and on about what candy does to your teeth and body.  I'll just hand you this nifty link so you can get started experimenting with the dark side of chocolate.

And here's a few Did You Knows to go with it:

Did you know that "Noseeums" or biting midges actually pollinate Cocoa plants?  Without midges we would have a world without chocolate.

Non-dutched cocoa (non-alkalized) - product for dark - (or simply 75% or darker Dark chocolate) causes your skin to produce higher concentrations of melanin.  This means you tan better, stay darker, and wont need sunscreen- at least, I never have.

Read, buy, INDULGE!

Your Choclatina

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ammunition for Cupid Part 2

Something funny happened at work weeks ago.  Photographers for the University come around from time to time looking for good department pictures for the companies intranet.  They want those smiley people that look way too happy about their job.

Most of the women don't want their picture taken because they know it will go on the Intranet and they might look horrible.  I don't like taking pictures much but recently I've come to tolerate it a little more willingly.  I've never shied too much from a camera.  I might stare at it rather awkwardly but I'm not one to hide behind someone else and act ridiculous about it.

Honestly, if you're THAT insecure, just wear a paper bag over your head 24/7 because everyone was looking at you off and on hours before the camera came out and you were fine with it.  You must have a phobia.

So the one dark headed guy is watching me off and on and then asks for a picture of me pulling a chart.  I pose.  I smile.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.  He turned me and continued.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.

I began to feel like a red-carpet model.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.  And then a show-pooch or something.  It got a little uncomfortable.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.

The two co-workers who were fairly antagonistic against me ever since I was inducted into the department began laughing.  They thought it was hilarious that I, not even a true employee, but a temporary worker, had been chosen and photographed for the Intranet.  I felt a bit like Cinderella on a pedestal.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.

And then right when I thought he was done- he thanked me and went back to the other side of the room to convince the other two women to have their pictures taken- he begins studying me again, and comes back a minute later:  "Hey, sorry, can I get one more shot of you doing something else."

In a moment, there I was again.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*. *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.  Wondering if I had some sort of unique photogenic face.  I never had anybody mention any such quality in me before.  *flash* *flash*  *flashflash* *flashflashflash*.

And finally, the torture was over and I sat pondering if I would ever allow anyone to photograph me again.
Maybe I should proceed to go about with a paper bag over my head, so as not to distract other drivers.  It could be dangerous.

But Valentines Day will sweep by me without any disturbances to my ego and self-image.
After all, if I had someone to spoil, it would be EVERY day.


Yahoo mail generated a random Valentine for me.  I thought it was so gaggy...I would share it.

Dear sugar cookie,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Your style is more memorable than the Grand Canyon. You are simply luminous; a god among men. I feel tingly and giddy at the mention of your lovely name. 

Yours and yours alone,
Yahoo Mail

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ammunition for Cupid

So as February rolls in I find myself facing another Valentine's day in which I don't have a significant other.

Uhm- answer, NOYB.  Okay, that's a joke.
The answer is clear.  I give Cupid too much ammunition.

Actually, I think it's pretty dumb- seriously?  One day in which we force men to feel OBLIGATED to do something sweet?  A day in which our money is suckered from us for that over-priced teddy-bear holding a red heart?  Dumb.  I'm too practical for Valentine's Day.

Also, the candy is GROSS.  G. R. O. S. S.  Gross.  I like dark chocolate though.  *hint* *hint*  Anything organic over 65% will do.  And no roses.  I like Tiger Lilies.

But about giving Cupid his ammunition.  The day sparks some pretty funny memories from my past.  All of my...romancers.

I don't know how to flirt.  Honest to goodness-- it feels awkward and if I picture myself doing it-- I feel sappy, dumb, and ...awkward.

I did have my share of courters in school though though.  They offered me candy their mothers had bought and begged me to be their girlfriend.  It didn't swell my head any.  They didn't understand.  I was taught against inter-racial marriages.

So a while back we stopped in Walmart for some "milk".  Dad found a shortage and called the rest of us into the store.  I went browsing the cabinet trying to find the right gauge milk, a crowd of men all around eyeballing the casings.  Then the clerk comes by with the cabinet key and unlocks it.

I notice his ears flushing, his neck.  Strange.
"What kind do you want?"  He asks.
"22." I replied.  "Yellow top."
Pause.  "...Are you 18?"  He wouldn't look at me directly but he was coloring more and more.
"I'm...21."  I returned with raised eyebrows.
He turned with the armful and went back to the counter to disperse the goods.
I got in line.
An older man was checking everyone out.  When it was my turn to be checked out he turned it over to Corey.  By now, Corey looked like a faun, his skin almost crimson against his black hair.  He fidgeted nervously with the register drawer.

I kept my eyes down, scared that if I watched his behavior too closely he'd fall over and pass out from blood-pressure issues.  I was kind of nervous myself, wearing only a T-shirt with my hair in a braid revealing my ugly flat head and flat face.  Somebody's gonna love these flat cheekbones someday.

After ringing the milk up he asked, "Can I see your ID?"
I balked.  Sure, I'm way over 18 but... that thing has my phone number, my address, my weight...everything!!
I procured it.  He seemed to take way too long to look at it.

And then, shaking nervously, he slid the noisy bag of milk across the counter and I turned with my family and left.  Got a little teasing from mother in the parking lot- as if I hadn't been aware the entire time.  Typical Milk Man.  Went back to see Corey a couple weeks ago, but there were clean out of "milk".


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Things My Mother Says-- That Make Me Laugh

Mothers are renowned for their pearls of wisdom, their wive's tales, and the things they say that make you go:  "Like yeah, right!"

It's not that you want to disagree.  But what she has told you makes ever so little since and yet somehow deep inside you're sure it's got to be true. But how?

Here are some of the things my mother says to me that make me laugh:

They are things that I will probably say one day-- when I am a mother.

-- Why are you always trying to be different?
    I'm not trying mom.  I don't have to.  I just AM different.

-- You don't marry someone unless God reveals it to you.
     Okay, okay.  Got it.

--Is he another one of those with a "revelation" that she is his wife?
   Uhm....I thought you weren't s'posed to marry anyone without a revelation.

-- Guys usually pick a girl who is like his mother.  Girls will usually pick someone like their father.
    I thought God had a hand in this.  You tell me to let God pick my spouse.

--  When you've found the right one, you'll just know.  You'll just know.
     No comment.  It's true, but I have no comment on this one.  So you think I'm likely to pick someone who is a lot like my dad- but I have to let God pick my spouse, and when it's the right one- I"LL JUST KNOW!  K- this is awesome!

-- Don't worry about it.  It'll happen soon enough and before you know it.
    Right.  You've been happily married for 21 years.  21 years have distorted your memory of how I feel right now.

-- You'll understand when you're married.
    AKA - it's something you just can't say so I'll have to be just as cryptic when I get there.  Got it.

-- If you act like that you'll never get married.
    I thought you said to be yourself- there's someone for everyone.

-- You'll think differently when you have kids.
 What kids?  Now you're acting like I will for sure get married.  There's someone for everyone- right.  Got it.

--  You're going to marry some mamsy-pamsy. he'll be the one God gives me and he'll probably be a lot like my dad.

-- You'll probably marry some cowboy and be poor.
    He who has a barn full of horses is wealthy in spirit.

--Maybe it isn't God's will for you to have horses.
   Yeah, the Lord made me to be born into the world wish such a passion just so he can beat it out of me and force me to be happy in an apartment with a city-slicker who can't even drive a nail to hang a picture... you know, that mamsy pamsy you prophesied of.

-- Don't talk like that with all those big words.  Girls with sense in their head and talents intimate guys.
    Good.  That'll chase all the simpletons away and leave Mr. Amazing standing there just for me!!  A renaissance man!

-- Lemme see your pictures.  Yeah... your selection looks pretty poor.

-- You'll chase all the good ones away acting like that.
    Good ones?  Come again?!

-- You're "boy-crazy"!
    How come?  Because the one I was curious to get to talk to made me feel unwelcome from the word "Go" and an entire year later my curiosity turns to someone I had foregone showing curiosity about because of the previous curiosity?!

-- You're past that "stage".  Your hormones have settled.
    Good to know.  I think that's why it took me an entire year to pick myself up, dust myself off, get out there and show some interest.

Truth is, I love my mother and in no way wanted any of this to sound offensive to you mothers out there. Truth is, all of this will probably make sense one day, contradictory as it sounds to me now.  And truth is, I'll probably be saying the same thing one day.  I'll understand when I'm married.

I hope my mother's words inspired you.  Perhaps I can learn from you mothers out there who would like to comment and share your own and your mother's words of wisdom for my young future with me.

Pearl Oyster

Friday, January 17, 2014

Two More Poems

So I have two more poems here.  I think the second one is better but:  they're both pretty neat.

That You Have Trials Too

I never thought until just now
That you had trials too:
Those days that beat upon your flesh.
You trudge the path
Free dragging, shoulders sagging.
The people see an ordinary man:
Dirty plates, the apron,
A meager pocket tip.
--But I see a king.
There's still a fire in your eye
When at day's end you throw the towel,
Turn the key.
Those shoulders square by morning.
That chest houses a lion's strength.
Still, I failed to think that you had trials.
I thought I was the only one
With days that quench my spirit
'ere half of it was run.
People rail against you
For a fault not quite your own.
The biting words, the tip-less table
The thoughtless waste you scrape
Into heaps of filth;
And the bare plates of thanklessness
For your pleasant smile, gentle manner.
All the good about you
Un-noticed, Unappreciated
For their lust of self-fulfillment.
But I see Deity's son
As you bow your head and pray:
Brow knit, lips trembling
In search of words unforgeable.
There's a Life in your spirit
This cesspit does not know.
Their worst tortures cannot break you.
I never thought until just now
That you had trials too.
The ebbing wave is no weaker.
The setting sun burns no less fervently.

This one is a bit more modern and yet, I hope, Poignant.

Mutual Friend

I see we have a mutual friend.
His name is Jesus.  Where did you meet Him?
He sits beside me in church many times.
I take Him with me everywhere.
He is a good friend because He listens a lot.
But I understand that sometimes He wants to talk too.
He says only good things.
We've been friends for many years and never had a fight. --
Well-- there have been times I let Him down;
But He is ALWAYS a good friend to me,
Even when I wasn't ready to apologize.
I see we have a mutual friend.
I can't be jealous really.  It's not like He spends
More time with you than me-- unless you invite Him over more.
He never turns down the invitation and
He'll never leave too early either.
He's so Awesome it's impossible for Him to ever stay too late.
There's no such thing as time when He's around.
He shows me all the coolest things about Himself and His Life.
I always love spending time with my friend Jesus.
Seems you and I both like that.
I see we have a mutual friend.
He's spoken highly of you to me--
Though He never speaks badly of anyone.
I'm sure He's said some pretty nice things about me
Even after I didn't invite Him over for a while last week.
I was just so busy.  But that's just how great He is!
I see we have a mutual friend.
He pointed you out to me in that crowd--
Said you were His son and He loved you.
He thought I might like to get to know you a little.
May I introduce myself?  I see we have a mutual friend.

Thanks for reading.  Leave a comment and let me know what you think of my blog!

The Author

Thursday, January 9, 2014

My Recipe Book

I'm a foodie.  I LOVE food.  Boy do I love food.  

My grandfather gave me this book.  Some relatives had sent it as an encouragement gift to my grandmother when she was ill in the hospital before she passed away.  However, she never had the strength or chance to use it.  I debated for a fair while as to what to do with it.  Something kept pressing me to turn it into a recipe book.  Now, that is what it is. 

I began it by honoring my mother and grandmother in it.
I tried to use my best handwriting....tried.

I began with my favorite dish.
I continued with my next favorite dishes.

Notice how they are all spicy.  The third page was Beef and Kidney Bean Chili but the picture disappeared before I could blog it.

I wrote these recipes as my mother did.  She wrote very vaguely and simply because she knew what she was doing and she improvises a little each time she cooks.

I do not know what I am doing but I improvise every time I cook.  It usually always turns out.  I like gourmet meals as much as the easy casserole dishes.  Thing is, I like to go out and eat the gourmet things more.  

When I travel, I like to hit off the beaten path restaurants and try new things.  Each menu must be explored.
My spice cabinet shall NEVER be dull.

Your Roux Master

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Advocate For the Dark Side

Hmmm...The Dark Side- good for you it is!

So most of my friends and family laugh at me as I poo-poo Hershey's and such candy bars.
And they'll wrinkle their noses as I hork down wads of 70% and darker chocolate.  90% can be a little too bitter but some rainy days....just call for it!
My favorite blend is the 85%- PERFECT.  I like it infused with chili-peppers too for that slow-burn in the throat.  Sensational.

I'm not addicted to it though- as my mother often warns me of.  The caffeine will keep me up - or dreaming some pretty interesting stuff- if I eat a piece too close to bedtime.  The serving size is four pieces.  I eat one piece every three days or so.  I consume a two serving bar in about a month.  So I'm not addicted.  I just like Dark Chocolate.

Anyways, for those of you who have shunned, shirked, or choked on the bitter stuff- or who have try it- take a look at what this website I stumbled upon has to say about it's health benefits.

Chocolate is good for you.
NO!  It isn't.
Dark chocolate is.  And Marksdailyapple will walk you through some of the AMAZING good things it does for you.


So now I have a thing or two to say when folks distort their faces as I swirl some hunk of the dark side into my hot-chocolate mix.  Hmmm-a toast to health.  It's no wonder only South American royalty was allowed to drink it.

Your Chocoholic
Advocate for the Dark Side