Thursday, January 2, 2014

Advocate For the Dark Side

Hmmm...The Dark Side- good for you it is!

So most of my friends and family laugh at me as I poo-poo Hershey's and such candy bars.
And they'll wrinkle their noses as I hork down wads of 70% and darker chocolate.  90% can be a little too bitter but some rainy days....just call for it!
My favorite blend is the 85%- PERFECT.  I like it infused with chili-peppers too for that slow-burn in the throat.  Sensational.

I'm not addicted to it though- as my mother often warns me of.  The caffeine will keep me up - or dreaming some pretty interesting stuff- if I eat a piece too close to bedtime.  The serving size is four pieces.  I eat one piece every three days or so.  I consume a two serving bar in about a month.  So I'm not addicted.  I just like Dark Chocolate.

Anyways, for those of you who have shunned, shirked, or choked on the bitter stuff- or who have try it- take a look at what this website I stumbled upon has to say about it's health benefits.

Chocolate is good for you.
NO!  It isn't.
Dark chocolate is.  And Marksdailyapple will walk you through some of the AMAZING good things it does for you.


So now I have a thing or two to say when folks distort their faces as I swirl some hunk of the dark side into my hot-chocolate mix.  Hmmm-a toast to health.  It's no wonder only South American royalty was allowed to drink it.

Your Chocoholic
Advocate for the Dark Side