Interacting with this person may be fun, entertaining, and mildly addictive.
You may be enticed to engage in enlightening conversation and may benefit educationally.

What follows is the Care and Instructions tag for the author of

Humor with comments on each post.

Don't forget to mention things you would like her to expound on.

Tell your friends about this awesome blog!

Say something funny or ask a funny question and wait for a hilarious reply.

Stay tuned.  I thrive on attention.

What follows is the Super-Simplified Instruction Manual for the nineperidot author:

Laugh with me.  Laugh loud, laugh often.
Try some of my dark chocolate and gumbo and other spicy foods!  (You must eat the okra!)
Cherish my treasures and handmade collections.  (Share your own too!  I love seeing what you have collected or created with your own hands.)
Sing with me!   Sing from the heart, way down in the chest, with lots of vibrato and gusto and zest!
Look at pictures with me and share memories we share.  Talk of the past and dig up the old laughs.
Let's go someplace new, and visit someplace old, and sit around and talk.  (I love historical places, more than amusement parks).
Take me to the concert hall to hear the orchestra tune!
Lay under the stars and examine the moon.
Ride horses, ride horses, ride horses, ride horses, ride horses, ride horses, ride horses.  (I can't ride well at all but if I ride as much as I think of riding, I'd develop the muscles for it sooner or later.)
Let's climb a mountain and enjoy the view.
Dine out just to try some exotic food!
Life life to the FULLEST!  The MAX!  The Aries way!