Sunday, September 13, 2015

Romania Trip Day 5-6-7 &1/2

We started out the day with food...Lunch to be exact, since we slept in until about noon.

Each restaurant does their lemonade differently, but each is perfectly a real lemonade.

None of that CountryHome or CountryTime or whatever it is junk.  The citric acid in that stuff makes me feel sick.  Good on the tongue, blah in the body.

Anyway, I had Porc Cu Fassole,
Literally translated Pork with beans.

It was delicious.  We normally have it like a soup, but in Romania Porc cu Fassole is not even a stew.  It's more like porc with a mashed bean side.

The pickled peppers, olives, and tomatoes were the best.

Afterwards we visited a really big mall, about as big as the Chicago Ohare airport.

It is one of the largest malls...maybe not in Europe, I've forgotten, but it was huge.  And on the...ith floor are all of the food courts.

We were fattened once again on something made with real creme.  Delicious....

We did a little shopping and I didn't find much that I wanted.

I did walk away with two onyx soup bowls.... very beautiful.

This is something new we noticed in Europe.

Parking spots just for pregnant and nursing mothers.  How nice.

Makes me kind of like Europe.
 We stopped in the square again that afternoon, since that is what it seems most everyone in Timisoara does in the afternoon.

My brother had every right to be bored, poor lad.  No one his age.  No one his language.  :D

I explored around the Opera house again.  Can you see the bullet holes on the facing from the Revolution?  

More bullet holes.  I think they were shooting at the dictator.

The birds like to sleep around the opera house.

This is where the pictures diminish in number.  Some young people arrived and took us down into a restaurant.  Most of the restaurants are down beneath the square so you have to go down stairs a ways.

In this one restaurant there was a funny painting.  Can you tell who it is of?

That is the Russian Pesident, Putin, the French President, and President Obama, performing for crowds of naked people.  I wonder exactly what the artist was trying to convey here.  Whatever it was, it sure is a circus out there anyway.

The days were kind of running together anyway, so this is from Sunday morning after church.  Some of the believers took pictures with us.  This is Brother Robert with my dad.  He is a very sweet man and so is his wife, Diana.  It felt as though we had always known them.

 Brother Alin took us to a nice restaurant after service.  We later found out that Brother Joseph had told Brother Alin to take us to the nicest restaurant he could find and treat his friends.

It was pretty fancy stuff.

My order isn't pictured.  I almost got what is pictured below, but instead got chicken breast stuffed with Eucalyptus and mint leaves.  I did not know eucalyptus was edible.

Then we rested and later that evening went out to eat again.  I almost stayed back at the hotel to rest but I am glad that I didn't because some girls showed up.
We sat by the lake and ate dessert and watched the swans.  This was a banana crepe dessert.  It was so rich.  I split it with someone but we could bother hardly finish.

On our way out we saw some of the swans again.  They were magnificent European white swans.  I had never been so close to a swan, or even seen one in person I think.
I decided that I wanted to put swans in my lake someday so when I got home I looked up adopting a couple of swans that needed a good home.  I thought they might not be over $175, like expensive poultry, peacocks and such.  

$1500 per swan.

My lake will have geese maybe....

The NEXT day, we ate MORE dessert.  I know.
This is Brother Alin Muntean

He doesn't like pictures of himself, but we sneaked a few.

My parents being tourists.

The dessert

I got a Rum Buckeye dessert.  

Afterwards we went to a spring where people drink to heal their bodies of digestive ailments and other ailments.  It is called Fenix spring, like Phoenix.

The water was icy cold and my skin loved it.  My taste buds and nose did not.  It smelled exactly like gasoline and sulfur.  

I forced myself to drink a little of it, but I didn't like to drink gasoline.

So thereafter I referred to it as Stinkwater instead of Mineral water.
Stinkwasser not trinkwasser!!!

I posed next to the Stink water nonetheless.

We will showcase the remainder of the trip very soon. One day from departure and there is still SO much to show and tell. 
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