Thursday, September 17, 2015

Romania Trip Last Day

We visited Brother Dorel's house when they invited us over for supper.  His wife, Sister Mihaialla is a really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY good cook and prepared us a literal seven course meal.

After we finished eating my dad broke out the surprises we had brought them.

Jeremiah and David celebrated when they saw the bags of candy emerge!!

Then my dad handed out the cups we had made for them.
They seemed to really like them.

Brother Alin liked his knife and he also likes to tease his mother.

Brother Robert seemed to really like his silk tie.

And we gave his wife a kitchen apron set.

I just thought the rain gutters in Romania were the coolest things.

Brother Dorel's family and his wife, the super good cook.

Around town we noticed a building that hadn't been built square.

We visited a village museum where they were preserving old houses.
As you walked, you walked forward in time of the Romanian peasants.

They had a lot of information on the different kinds of houses and how they were built.  Even the roofs.  In different periods they built the roofs differently.  Some with "two waters" roofs, "three waters" and "Four waters."

 Bee Hives!!

Pottery at the Potters house.

A little modern convenience in the rustic setting.

We noticed this tree had such a personality.

So we posed with her.

This house has a four waters roof. Can you see why?

I thought this was just lovely.

So I stepped into the picture.
Double lovely. :D

These lace curtains were handmade.  This was on a rich peasant's home and, in my honest opinion, we need less made in China and more artistic curtains.

The photographs of this home's residents hang over the bed.

My first encounter with a well.

My dad had a well like that when he was a little boy.  So he sat down and remembered.

A stack

Pictures found in the homes I presume.

This is probably from the 20's or 30's, judging by the fashion of her wedding gown.  That would have been a very modern wedding gown at the time.

I took a selfie in a very old mirror, just to shake things up a bit.

While headed back to the Phoenix spring we met a Baptist couple.  Brother Petru began speaking to them about the Word of God and by the time they left, they were happy to that little book she is holding.

This is the oldest Birch tree in the world I believe.

And this just about concludes my pictures.
I was very sad to leave Romania but also very happy to be going home.
America is home.

This was taken on the flight from Houston back to Mobile.  
That lake area you see is just a portion of Big Creek Lake.  It is not far from where we live.  It looks very beautiful from above.

We circled around big creek as we landed.

And I am so happy to be home.