Monday, March 24, 2014


I thought I made up that word.  Nope.  Webster beat me to it.  Turns out, I'm a romantasizer.  BIG TIME. Take that Webster.

So my current obsession: basically, the noun that consumes me at the moment -- started with an innocent quiz.  Please infect yourself here before proceeding:  Princess Quiz

Okay, now that you have been infected, you like I, will suffer until you have sat down once again and watched this Cult Classic.  I plan on suffering until I can sit down and watch it with a special friend someday. Okay...I'll probably break down and see it before then.  Admitted.

So here are a few of my favorite memes and quotes.

"Give us the gate key." (The Princess Bride) This part is so funny! :)

Okay, I can stop here because I know that you have been thoroughly infected and will take it from here.
REVIEW  I have linked cinemagogue's article on the film here because when I stumbled across it I found it interesting.

I don't entirely agree with that sort of look at the film.  You could look for spiritual allusions in any work of fiction, yes.  I often do.  But what I wish to say about Cinemagogue's article is that these elements are the ingredients that have made this film so well loved and received.

Whether people admit it or not, the love story Christ gave us is truly the greatest of ALL so any of the elements taken from that great love story and thrown into a concoction of our own is going to make it all taste good.

So go rent the film or if you already own it, sit down with your special someone and watch it again. Me...I've got a little shopping to do.

Your Buttercup,

PS- Had a little computer issues lately which is why I haven't been able to post.  I will always come for you.

      I will always come for you.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tips on Experimenting with the Dark Side

So all you sugar and GMO soy lovin' Hershey worshippers: I offer you hopeless candy connoisseurs tips on trying something real.  And good for you.

I wont rant on and on about what candy does to your teeth and body.  I'll just hand you this nifty link so you can get started experimenting with the dark side of chocolate.

And here's a few Did You Knows to go with it:

Did you know that "Noseeums" or biting midges actually pollinate Cocoa plants?  Without midges we would have a world without chocolate.

Non-dutched cocoa (non-alkalized) - product for dark - (or simply 75% or darker Dark chocolate) causes your skin to produce higher concentrations of melanin.  This means you tan better, stay darker, and wont need sunscreen- at least, I never have.

Read, buy, INDULGE!

Your Choclatina