Monday, September 7, 2015

Romania Trip Day 3


We found a little time after breakfast to take some pictures in the beautiful terrace/patio area of the hotel.

 First up for the day was a trip to my father's home.

Only the color of the fence, and the addition of bushes out front had changed in all the years he had been gone.  We did not speak to the current owners.  Rather, we probably completely creeped them out by taking pictures in front of their house.

An interesting tower

An interesting house

An old locomotive near the train station



See how natural they are.

Beautiful natural tomatoes

With funny innies :P

Langosi - 1 leu = 25 cents
1 leu with stuffing
1 lei without stuffing
Fancy that America

Some interesting graffiti.
It looks like they used a stencil

They were re-cobbling a famous square.

My grandfather had a store in one of these old buildings

A phoenix on the flagpole


Can you see the weathered lions on the top of the building?

I wonder how much they have seen looking down on this square for centuries

A gypsy home

With marble and carved wood

They love to show off their houses.

Later in the day, we visited the orthodox church at the end of the square.  It was built in the 1930's - (former post I had incorrectly said 1970's or 60's)

It was a little dank, echoy, and creepy, like most such places.

Lots of gold, I'm not sure if it was real or fake.

Lots of marble and pretty artwork- to a degree
Usually it is just too much for the eyes

But wouldn't you like a castle like that anyway?

More gypsy homes

We ate at Grandma's house

Fresh squeezed lemonade.  The real deal.

Duck soup.  I love these noodles

I had an apricot stuffed chicken breast schnitzel with caramel glaze and rice with mushrooms.  Delish!

After church we noticed that Sister Mimi was wearing the dress my grandmother had given her in 2004 and when she visited.  She wears it only on special occasions.

The McDonalds in Romania is very fancy and very clean.

Isn't that something you would never see in the US McDonalds!
This video is of my dad speaking at the church earlier in the afternoon.
You might not be able to understand all of what he is saying.
I only understood half, just enough to know what he was talking about and trying to get across, but not all of the words.  It was still fun to listen and try to understand.

This concludes Day 3!!  Stay tuned for the rest of our trip!