Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Brown Christmas

So, my brown Christmas in retro-spect.

Well, it was a little frosty, and I look Russian... or like some Cossack who went American-West and Cumberland.  (Notice the coon-tail hat).  Okay, I hid the coon-tail.  That's a rabbit-fur cap and it kept me quite warm.

Me, pointing at snow to make sure you can see it.

Olivia showing you snow.

Abby and Olivia

Cousin Boaz. Sho Hanshum

Gabriel and Cousin Emma by re-frozen snow-puddles

Boaz right before his fingers froze

Me, doinking around on the ice

Hey ya'll, Here I is!

I actually passed my Northerner initiation when I ran outside in nothing but a shirt, skirt, and socks to give some departing friends an item they had forgotten.
Still, I like to bundle.  I hate being cold.

probably warming my fingers here.

Loving the tree.

Me. Me. And Me.

The day isn't complete

without me trying something crazy.

And my brother

following suit.

Gabriel and Emma

Olivia and Abby

Abby and her chunk of ice

Da Munchkins

Olivia took a neat picture of this heart shaped leaf.
I like it enough to blog it- even though I'm grinchy about all that romantic sleigh-ride stuff. 

Me helping to make "Cajun Stew"
The family wanted to call it gumbo.
Correction.  Gumbo must contain Okra.
Gumbo should also contain seafood of some sort, but you may still call it Gumbo without.
As long as it contains Okra.
This was Cajun Stew.  It had neither okra nor seafood.
 Cool fact:  Gumbo is an African word meaning Okra.
2nd Cool fact:  Okra is native to Africa and is very healthy for you.
3rd Cool fact:  The slime it produces that you dislike- is REALLY good for you.

Me and my best friend Emily

Me and Emily playing our first game of chess in years

It's a strange thing to see two Gemini's actually sit down to a slow game of chess.
It's a strange thing for me to commit to such a game.
But you just saw it.
Mark that off your list of things to see before you die.

Me winning at chess.  That's another strange thing.


Me drinking hot tea and waiting for my white-Christmas.
Didn't happen.

Game of spoons with family and friends
We did not have enough spoons, so we threw in a few knives.
Made the game all the more brutal- I mean, fun.

Abby and Miko.

Well, that's all folks!!

Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Your Bumble