Thursday, December 26, 2013

My Experiments with My own style of Free Verse

So I go through these kicks once in a while.  Usually when I deprive myself of one artistic outlet, my creative pressures build and then explode out some other way like an uncorked-shaken champagne bottle.  I haven't had the time to play my flute like I used to, with work and everything else, so things started oozing out in this weird form of poetry.

You'll notice I favor short phrased-lines and words singled out on a line of their own.  I believe it's because I'm emphasizing the short phrases for the convenience of the speed-reader, the lazy-eye, and so that you get each nugget in its most trenchant form.  The single words are not isolated to make them feel bad or lonely.  I believe they are strong enough to stand on their own.  These are the words that can get up on stage without a crowd to hide behind.  They like the attention.  They are important to the poem.  They are what I call "pillar words."

I'm also aware that each line of poetry should be capitalized.  But I'm a rebel.  I use the caps letters to draw attention to the start of a new thought as well.  Hey, I can do this my way.  All those old guys in literature we are forced to study and take quizzes on at the jeopardy of our own grade did it.  They probably make bad grades in the school of their day for it.  Now kids these days are making bad grades trying to remember what that grade-school failure did that was so important.  Anyway, enough rant.  On to MY poetry.  I wont quiz you on it.

These poems are copyrighted.  Please, no copying to share them.  Just share the blog link.  Comments and constructive criticism are appreciated.


The treasure lureth me
but I wish that I
could have been there
to see its beginning:
The cleansing, the birth
of the treasure of you,
The day you cast
your mighty hands upward
Surrendering all of your heart,
The words you whispered
prayerfully, the promises,
The light – that lit upon your heart
when a seal thereon was placed,
after waves o'er flowed
your precious being:
down you died, up you rose
a victorious son of God.
I glory in that
treasure in you-
It must be something great;
if God Himself would 
think you worthy
add you-- a gem-- to His crown.
I'm captive to this treasure
God washed and took for Him,
and know I cannot steal you. So
I must offer myself up.
May He place me next to you.

My Heart Is in Your Hands

With great reluctance I set my heart within your hands.
Be careful not to play with it, or turn it upside down
Or toss it to and fro from hand to hand.
Don't spread your hands and let the winds chill it
Or hold it so tightly that it cannot expand
Or hold it so loosely another can steal
Or the rains come and wear it,
Or the hail come and bruise it
Or the night chill and harden it.
No, it takes a special touch to keep another's heart.
It takes a special hand-- one with nail scars is the best--
But if He holds your heart, I know you'll learn from Him.
If He's your Lord and tutor, I can trust you with my own.
Just hold it close and shelter it, and water it with tears.
Then grow it with your smile, for years and timeless years.

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Laurisa Borlovan