Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mother Laurisa

So, I'm not old.  And I'm not a real Mama.  But when it comes to my chickens you may call me Mama Laurisa.

I recently endeavored to prepare a special super-de-dooper healthy granola treat for them.  Couldn't get it to stick together without risking giving them a diabetic attack but... I do love molasses.  *licks fingers*

Hartz Harvest Delight, oil

Raisins, oats, molasses

Yummy... yummy.

Me... cooking.... okay, stirring.

My mom cooks. ...Bakes bread.  I know how but I'm usually gone Monday through Friday 8-5.
And she does it better of course.

So, my chickens have a 5 gallon bucket of the best sweet feed ever.  They literally hork it down and then their eggs taste a wee tiny bit like Molasses.  And they're usually just a wee-tiny bit hyper for some hours afterwards.

But they're happy! 

I miss you Babette-ster!

Your Sylvan