Monday, December 2, 2013

My Bedroom

Alright guys,
So far this is what I have to show.
(Walls are still a little bare- but you'll get the idea)

I moved my Still Waters June 2012 camp photo in... placing it eye level so I don't have to stand on tiptoe to see it up close.

And then, I couldn't resist this plaque I found at Hobby Lobby.
It don't usually need the pep-talk it gives,
but I figured some of my visitors might.
It's my theme anyways.
Courage, man! Courage!

And on my dresser, (it's really a media center) sits my blue agate a coworker/friend gave to me.
I loves it!!
And my Gryphon's claw.  (It's actually a replica dinosaur fossil- "Megalodon toe-nail"- but I think it looks more like it belongs to something called Veloceraptor.)
My vixen's hide- skinned and tanned it myself.  Special thanks to my Uncle John for scooping her off the road for me.
And, my 1st place art-contest prize, the Breyer E-Spirit model made for the World Equestrian Games 2012.
(btw, that art contest got me 2nd and 3rd place price on accident as well!)

And this is another little model that came with a horse.  I see wolves as ravenous beasts...
but artistically, they're very fine predators, just like lions.  It adds a nice touch to the room.


When I go shopping, I DO NOT, and I repeat, SIMPLY CANNOT resist purchasing any wooden object.
I am... obsessed (admitted) with natural wood and earth treasures.
That wooden bowl thing is an olive dish from the Philippines.
The pen bucket is genuine marble from India.  It is actually a toothbrush holder.
I saw it as a pen holder.  I couldn't resist it either.

And here you see my rug- a buck hide from a trophy my Uncle Joshua harvested in 2011.  I skinned and tanned it as well.  Not many people step out every morning onto a treasure like this.  Not many people kneel on something like that every night either.  
The wheat was a must too.  I was picky about the vase but there wasn't much to choose from.
I chose Blackbeard wheat instead of plain golden for that black accent.
It smells like molasses... or...a sweet hay barn, which really becomes noticeable at night when I try to sleep.
Very pleasant.

The knickknacks on top of my headboard.
My owly feather, my antlers, my key (big key, big heart. ;P )
and one of my many horses.  

And here we have my Quiet Time rock, my precious little Babette's feather,
my little marble pyramid (I'm fascinated by pyramids too)
and the Lion bank my grandmother gave to me when I was like five.
I had a little white lion named Simba she had given me.  I lost it.
Worst memory of my childhood.  I was SO attached to that white lion.
I'm never letting go of this lion bank.


In the central compartment sit my two panflutes, Shalom and Aryel.
And of course my Church Age Book, my Quiet Time journal, and an array of other booklets I
have kept from different young people's services, camps, and banquets I have attended.

In the left compartment are a few books I would not part with.
Of course I no longer have time for leisure reading, but they're nice to keep around.
Good conversation pieces for kids.

My bedspread pattern.  Not as rustic as I had originally wanted, but regal and nice.

An angel statue someone gave me.  I don't like female angel statues, but it looks nice hiding behind the curtain in the window.  Plus, I'm infatuated with anything with wings on it.

The family Cockatiel Jay.  Preening. 

My chair.  Found it flawed at an outlet store for less than half of the original price.
Patched the case-cutter punctures with some super-glue, and TaDa!  Awesome chair.


My new work space.

looks a little messy because of all the company, confusion, and time away from home.

 oh, and that's my cutie little cousin Boaz, down to visit for the Thanksgiving holiday.

And finally, the broken nine peridot bracelet... 
in a moment of boredom,
turned into an 8 stone bracelet
as most bracelets are.

Good as new!
Btw, I always add 80% dark chocolate to my dry mix. 
Hot chocolate would be watered down without it.
Good stuff. 

I shall keep the 9th peridot, and perhaps, place it in my treasure chest.
If I could mount it in a new casing, it would make a nice ring,
but since I cannot do that myself, it would cost a pretty penny to have done.