Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Beautiful Grandmother

Yesterday, we said our "Until we meet again" to my precious grandmother.

The Lilly is my favorite flower.  Well, Tiger lillies over the white ones or orchid lillies.  I like orange, crimson, and yellow over pink anyway, but with the red roses the entire bouquet is quite invigorating.

Since grandma loved plants and flowers so much we knew she would have told us to take all those flowers home with us and keep them up.  Everyone did just that.

Brother Joseph also had sent a bouquet of white flowers.

This is what she looks like.
And always will.

The night she passed on and we were given the news, I had previously noticed the morning star shining ever so brightly and brilliantly in the western sky.  It felt like a bad omen sort of thing, but calming and uplifting all at the same time.  After hearing the news, on our way home, all I could see was that star, radiating peace and comfort over our aching hearts.  Still there...shining brighter than ever.  By the time I got home and began to process all the emotions... a poem was beginning to birth.  It was a struggle at first.  But it is very special to me.  And after reading it at the funeral service, I publish it here:

Evening Star

Laurisa Borlovan

Fairest Angel of the morning, beacon of the dusk
Your rising in the western sky brought to me peace.
You are a goodly star, Comfort in the night,
When chilly death preys upon our joy, puts us to the test.
Many wish upon You, thinking, You've come to grant their wants:
Your advent's for their good alone, and night no sorrow brings.
This night You rose so differently, bittersweet You shined,
Upon my house. Bearer of good tidings, messenger of love,
Amber light to warm the soul, Comforter and Dove.
For her You shone so pleasantly, Your beauty soothed my heart.
No other star You would allow to bear Your precious gem
From this testing to Your throne; You came Yourself to show
That You're as personal and near as You tell us that You are:
Cloaked in amber glory, You stooped down to her side
Held out the arms You spread for her when on the cross you died.
And taking both her hands in Yours, You let her feel the scars
Then raised her up and drew her close and let her turn to see,
The husk that suffered many things for the harvest of the seed.
How trivial this dream You awoke her from! -- To sleep no more
But live Eternally in Your Love.
Oh Great Morning Star! For Your daughter did You come,
Plucked a perfected flower, called Your child home,
With the arms You spread for us, You bore her through the night
No other angel did You send, No, not any lesser light.
Before You lead her through the gate at your fading from our sky,
One hundred personal servants are called to wipe her eyes.
Precious, Holy, Morning star! That cold black river crossed
When sinful hands raised you 'twixt the shores and now
Each night and early morn, You rise and stand there glowing
Blazing in the breach, to carry over every child You'll not let cross alone.
No grave could hold you, Morning star! And Your children set on high,
Will rise again one morn with You and call us to the sky.

Laurisa - the first grandchild, and the first born of her firstborn

End note:  You all know that the Evening Star and Morning Star are the same person.  Now I cannot look at it the same ever again.  It is not a star for wishing upon, like some good luck charm.  And whenever I see it, I will think of His coming for my grandmother.  
It is also interesting to note that the ancient heathens named the Morning Star Venus, after the goddess of love.  Really, it is The God of Love, Perfect Love, the only Good Love.