Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ignorance is Bliss

The day Laurisa painted her finger nails.... let's see.

I was in Kindergarten when that happened.  The picture on your left dates to 11/16/13.  I was spray painting some pieces of wood at the stable where I volunteer on weekends.  My thumb took a painting when I decided to get fancy with some impromptu stencils:  leaves, sticks, hay, etc.

I learned today that I'm quite the Graffiti artist.

But thinking back, that Kindergarten year I was at a Spring Fling.  The face painting booth was right next to the nail painting booth.  I LOVED getting my face painted.  It tickles so.  Love it.

I got in the wrong line and before I knew what was happening, I was picking out my colors and then Whamo! the woman had my hand and was tickling each finger with a neon brush.

The next thing I can remember is getting up from that chair and walking off in a daze.  A slightly different daze than the normal dizzy daze I doze through each day in.  Some call it being a woman.  I call it, being blond.  Ahem, anyway, I stood there in a daze.   Oh man, what are you gonna do now, Laurisa.  When mom and dad see this, you're gonna get your butt beat.    Tears welled.  You're a sinner!  What does Jesus think of those painted nails.  My conscious is merciless.  Hands went into pockets.  Mind went to working.  The bus ride home was WAY too short.

I stepped quietly into my house, hands clamped into fists to hide the disgusting color.  Mother asked why I was hiding my hands.  I was forced to procure them.

The scolding came down.  I never defended myself.  Luckily, mom had a bottle of nail polish remover.

That summer, I believe it was, my sister Esther and I were outside playing in the patio.  I turned the ledge by the water heater into a Soda Fountain Tap.  The copper wires sticking out of the wall were the PERFECT drink tap. I touched them.  My memory of this is...blurred now.  There was a white mattress I had climbed on to reach these wires.  I remember being thrown back from this mattress and landing hard on my rear on the concrete, dazed, mouth dry and metallic tasting, heart pounding, weakly, then forcefully....

What does it feel like to be electrocuted?  Well, it hurts.  My body ached.  I felt weak and dizzy, dry and stiff.  My heart felt weak and my breath short.  My brain hurt.  When I touched the wire, at the first second, nothing happened.  Life seemed to go in slow motion then... I remember thinking that someone inside the house had turned on a fan.  Something that went back and forth really fast, or spun around and around and around super fast.  I think they call this AC, alternating current.  This was a 240 Volt I believe.  It was for the water heater.  So after feeling as if I was on a rapidly spinning fan, and then hitting the ground, Esther walks into the patio with her play cookery.  She asks what happened.

I tried to be brave.  In Kindergarten, they had told me that if you are shocked, you will die.  I didn't want Esther to know that now I was going to die.  I had to be brave for her.  I had to be strong.

I sneaked inside, holding my whitened burned fingertips.  Mom was doing laundry.  I slunk past into my bedroom, and there, fell to my knees and cried out to heaven for mercy!

"Dear God, please don't let me die!  Don't take me so soon in life!  You can work a miracle for me!!  Please don't let me die."  As I began to think of some way to tell my family goodbye, through notes and gifts, and how to divy up my stuff to my sisters before I passed, mother stepped into the room.

"Laurisa, is everything alright?"

I was forced to tell.  Naturally, mom was very concerned.  But later, after all was taken care of, the story became funny.  Especially the fact that I thought I would die minutes, hours, or days later.

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