Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Family Christmas

 So this is Me.  Obviously.  Holding the bouquet I collected from Grandma's funeral.  The third lily has bloomed today.  Again, I love Lilies.  And Dark Chocolate...but that's off subject.

Here is Olivia marking cups.

And Sarmale (pronounced Sar-mah-leh:  AKA Cabbage Rolls.)

Cheese Ball, EVERYONE"s fav.

Olivia, again.  Hehehe

Brianna, my lil' cousin.

Uncle William

Me and my cousin Timothy!  

Olivia, Cousin Hannah, and Esther

Cups.  (Did I need to say that?)

Aunt Kim, her boys, Adam and Matthew, talking with Uncle Matthew.

Timothy showing off his Iphone 5 to Esther.

The guys playing Chess.
Btw:  Timothy played a beastly game of Chess with Uncle Sam and waxed him.
Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of the event.

Uncle Mike- and his Roll Tide!  XD

Uncle Josh brought some Habagardil Pickles from Kentucky.  I had 3, no sweat.  I like spicy.
Habagardil is Habanaero, Garlic, and Dill.  It's 15X HOT HOT HOT!  But I liked them.

He accidentally got some juice in his eye.  HOT HOT HOT!

Aunt Amanda with her mother.

Food spread!

Healthy Food spread!

My Hummus, naturally, served with Jalepenos for spice.  Did I mention I like spicy food?
I also rave Olives, of all varieties.

Cousin Noah.  ROLL TIDE!

Aunt Monica serving her kids.

Cousin Gavin with Gabriel

Aunt Irina

Food line.

Cousin Gavin.

And whoa, the pics stop here.  They stopped because, I began eating. I began having fun.
I began playing volleyball.  And I was the only person interested in taking any pictures.

Btw Andrew, I had that Apple Caramel pie my mom is so great at making.  DELISH!
I pigged out on desserts and don't you know it, I'm one of the few people that can do that and actually loose weight!  Haha!  WOot! WOot!  Dropped 3 pounds!

Overall it was a great Thanksgiving.
Even though we all miss Grandma SO much.
Some of the desserts and the Sarmale especially was dedicated to her because she was so good at making them!

So much to be Thankful for!

Leave a comment about your Thanksgiving!