Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th: Goldie-Locks and the Cheshire Cat

I'm getting OLD!!  I turned 22 this week, and since it fell on a Wednesday, most people were shocked that I spent the afternoon in church instead of "doing something wild" or "celebrating."

What was weird, is that my family got around to celebrating on this Friday the 13th.  There happened to be a full moon tonight, which wont happen again until 2049.  I need to see if the Vatican was doing anything special this Friday the 13th.

As many of you know, of course I'm not superstitious.  Hardly.  But I got this crazy idea, since I had a leftover canvas and paint from a project, to paint this money-scheme.... If I did what the superstitious would NEVER attempt....and DARE to paint a picture on Friday the 13th!...some creepy person out there might buy the painting for... a WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!

Anyway, It took forever to settle on what to paint.  I didn't want to do anything weird...  You might think this is weird.  It arouses my morbid humor.  This painting... is what I see Friday the 13th to be. ....a sneaky little creature going around saying Boo! making people fear the day.

I started with little sketching.  The behind picture- I did not feel comfortable with.  The moon was in Sagittarius tonight -- and I don't like Centaurs myself, but the Bible in the Stars states that the constellation is really a Centaur-- a representation of the two natures of Christ.
Brother Branham did say God's other Bible was in the stars, but I wish we could have had a Christ centered astrology lesson from Him because I would love to know if the Centaur image is pure, or Babylonian influenced.  It's interesting nonetheless.

But I saw a cat.  A sneaky little trickster cat.

This was only my fourth oil painting in my entire life, and I think I'm getting the hang of it.  They're so much fun and there's so much you can do with them.  I've never done dark pictures before... so working with a full moon and hazy gray scale was interesting.  

That's me....letting my right arm do it's thing.

It kind of looked like a black cat at first.  

And then it started to look like bad luck had struck.  
Like pink toothpaste or taffy.

Or red velvet cake. 
So then I got dragged inside for a birthday party... my party.
This year, I got two presents.  That's big.

I had NO idea...what was about to happen.  I was blond...and clueless.

I was made to open mysterious packages.

DOOMED!  It was worse than I had anticipated!

This a major inside joke...on me.
The hub was wonderfully appreciated.

So after the party, I photographed the finishing touches.  I'm not sure where the inbetweens kind of get swept away in the fervency of creating.

Alice in Wonderland is not a story or film I would show my kids... it's just weird.  But I'm familiar with it from school studies and the Cheshire Cat is mad, the maddest of them all, and proud of it.  And so he represents this sneaky, greasy, sly day that people fear.  Just like the devil, he slinks around causing fear and apprehension.  When you see him....are you scared?

I decided to pose with it under costume... I know, weird. Blonds sell products.  Maybe I'll use this picture to help sell the painting in the future.

Ok, I was kidding.  Not blond FOREVER.  So that is how I painted Friday the 13th.  It is finished, but still drying.  I will sign it on the back once it is dry and hopefully, sell it as an original...for a lot of money.

And this is the book cover I've been working on.  It's still drying too.  I'll add gold and shadow to the lettering to make it stand off the page once it dries. Then I can look forward to publishing my second book, which I hope will be the first of a wonderful epic fantasy series.  I call it fantasy-- it is in actuality a Christian allegory as I cannot work with characters without worrying about their souls-- 
Seriously!  How can you write about a character and never deal with their soul?! I can't.  So it's an allegory but it'll be listed under fiction/fantasy as publication limits classification categories.  
There is a Lion named Aridai, and a special Sword (The King's Sword) named Aedrhem, and a white eagle named Ruel, which means Friend of God.  But I wont ruin the story for you.  I hope to have it published by September of this year.

So for now, the blond wig hangs in my closet.  I'll pull it out for my next madcap idea...


Your Blond