Friday, June 27, 2014

Essays of an Enigma, and Worse a Woman : I Feel, Therefore I Am

Essays of an Enigma, and Worse a Woman : I Feel, Therefore I Am

June 4, 2014 at 9:02pm
I've been told that feelings aren't real. If you wish to disagree you will either be wrong, or.... I only "thought" I loved you.
This isn't really a battle of mind over feeling; but taking the two words "emotion" and "logic" let us compare them.

Emotion comes from the French "emovere" which means to stir up, agitate, move. Logic on the other hand is simply cognitive thought or reasoning. As far as thinking and using your head can get you in life it will never take you as far as feeling will.

I plead my case. It is well understood that you were not created using logic. Both of your parents acted upon feelings. And the process of your birth did not come about by logic.... It was very full of emotion. You are a work of art. You are inspired. You are a product of emotion- not logic. You were not thought into existence. You were felt.

If I were to simply think or reason that I was hungry after having consumed three cheeseburgers - I highly doubt I would be able to consume a fourth. But if I were to feel that I were still hungry, I would absolutely help myself to a fourth. Feelings are real. Logic is just a crutch for those who have not yet mastered the art of feeling.

"I feel therefore I am." If only Emerson had been gifted with the ability to feel he would have mastered logic. Instead he thought too much and felt too little. Computers are programmed to think, pattering our computing brains. But they are dead objects. They have no emotion, just the logic you taught them. Anything without emotion is dead. Emotion is a driving force, a dynamism, a motive that pushes us to act.

As far as what is and what isn't, I can ask you to think that you are standing in water and no matter how much thinking you accomplish you will not really experience any water against your skin. But if I set you in the bathtub and fill it with water you will feel it. Once you have felt it, you will then and only then will you be able to think properly.

I can also try to convince you to think that a potted cactus is sitting on the table next to you. Logically it is not but you are thinking that it is. Reach out and touch where your logical cactus is. Did you feel anything? Doubtful, unless you are a hypnotist or a wizard. Now allow me to set a potted cactus on the table. Feel it. Once you have felt it you will have experienced emotion and have found logic. There really is a potted cactus next to you. You didn't think it was there until you felt it.

So to those of you who joust under the banner of logic: you may continue "only thinking" that you love someone, while the rest of us "really feel" that we do.

The enigma, and worse a woman
Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising.

Words are emotions, not thoughts. Thoughts make noise in your head. Emotions make noise everywhere else in the world- in color, texture, taste, and sound. ~ Laurisa Borlovan