Friday, June 20, 2014


My about me mentions that I enjoy "collecting" treasure.  As an artist I like to surround myself with beauty. Artist are generally very altruistic and philanthropic, but I might just have a touch of "hoarder" in me too.  

I seem to be amassing this treasure... filling a sort of aerie with things I hope to take with me into married life.  I've always wanted a hope chest.  I'm going to need a hope truck soon.  Come quickly Mr. Right!  

My life is by no means cluttered.  If you know me, everything has a place and is always IN Its place.  But I've been blessed with wonderful things wonderful people have given me, and wonderful things I've purchased for.... modest sums.  Seriously modest sums... like this is marble or onyx Turkish tea set that normally runs $150. 
An elder lady sold it to me at a yard sale for $15.  No, I didn't leave the zero off, I mean FIFTEEN dollars.  Like how did that happen? 

I'm thrilled.  Yes, yes, earthly tweasures will pass away.  Lay not up tweasure for yourself on earth.... 

I know, but this stuff just seems to fall into my hands.  I don't go looking for this stuff.  I didn't even know what a Turkish tea set was until the elder lady told me.  How fortunate that she wanted to give it to me for $15.

 Now.... where to store it until my new life as a wife...

One of my latest obsessions has been gem and stone pyramids.  I wish so badly that I could have one of the wooden layered ones like the brothers did at the Creations class recently-- with the church ages and messenger names burned on, but these rocks are pretty neat!

The collection started with the white marble one.  Then I decided to add a natural color crystal.... and then I stumbled across da BIGGA von which has four marble layers.  Gorgeous.

God sure put a lot of beauty into His rocks.  There are so many different kinds of marble, jasper, onyx, and.... the list is endless.

Maybe it's a pointless collection for some, but they are fascinating to me.  Sometimes, when I am sitting in my room, they will catch my eye.  And every time they make me think of beautiful Mt. Zion, the city of God.  I try to imagine what it might look like, that beautiful city with it's precious walls and gates and foundations.

They make me long for home.  My tweasure is where my heart is.  And this tweasure...makes me think of the glory of what will be.... when we've reached eternity.


Your lady gryphon