Thursday, May 22, 2014

Coconut Cake

Isn't it strange?: How a guy can find favor in a good woman's eyes and the first thing she wants to do is feed him?

You find out he likes Coconut and you say to yourself, "The first dessert I'm going to make him is a coconut cake!" .....

Must be a mothering instinct shining through-- not that we might pity him.  His mother is likely a cook to learn from.

But there's something wonderful about finding out that your palates, if not somewhat complimentary, are entirely compatible.   That's your favorite food?  Mine too!!

What?!  You like shrimp all different ways?  Me too?!  Spicy food?!  AWESOME!

Cooking is an art, so naturally I will do well.  It's also a lot like writing a story or composing a song for the taste buds.  You put in all the right spices and ingredients to hold the eaters interest and the textures are like the verbs guiding the tongue over the landscapes of beautiful worlds.  It really is amazing.

I want people to explore my world through cooking.  Each culture has something to offer in their cuisine. My favorite one to offer is Gumbo, not that I'm Cajun- though I may look it- but it's one of my favorite dishes and everyone simply has to try it.

If I can cook and share the meals I like to cook, I can let you taste my world.  It's the "god-author" in me coming out again.  I don't just like control.  I really want you to see the same beautiful things I experience every day.

Bon Appetite
Your Roux Chef