Friday, October 4, 2013

Things I Love

Now that it is October the spooks have all come out.  I don't like Halloween and I don't like the onset of Winter.  So let's talk about the links I like.  The things I love.  And at the end of the post, you share with me the things YOU love.

I love FOOD.   I like hot food!

I love MUSIC.  Pleasant voices speaking low, horses eating hay, the click-clack of keyboard keys, the plucking of guitar or harp strings, the swish-scratch of paper under the influence of a busy pencil.  I also like melodramatic, complex songs and sounds such as rich violas and cellos, french horns, and baritone voices.

I love PEOPLE.
More specifically:  making people smile or laugh even if it is at me.  I like hearing them out and helping them however they need it.  I like sharing my ideas with them to get their opinion, even if I don't plan on taking it- I truly do want to hear it, just to know.  I like seeing people perform wonderful feats and talents.  I like to watch people sleeping.  I like to see them wearing beautiful things and being happy with someone they love.

More specifically:  wood, ivory, stone, polished bone, shell, glass, semi-precious stones, leather, fur.

I like to be ACTIVE.
I like swimming, volleyball, horse-back riding, hiking, swinging,'ll find there isn't much I don't like to do when I'm with the right person.

I like to SING and to ENTERTAIN.

But this is probably what you would find on most blogs, eh?!   For me it's easier to talk about what I do not like, than what I do like.  So Wanna know what I REALLY LOVE?!


I love to lay underneath the stars with someone and talk.

I love to listen to heartbeats.  There is not much more I enjoy than listening to a heartbeat because I feel very connected to the life of that person.

I love to shut my eyes when I listen to a favorite song so that I can properly envision it and put the moment to heart.

I love looking back through pictures and reminiscing, remembering the laughs and the conversations and the subtle twinkles in the eyes of my friends.

I love hands.  They are beautiful.  I have often wanted to explore the hands of a friend, hold them, caress them- because hands will tell you a lot about a person.  -And no, I do not read palms.

I love empty bottles and blank papers and canvases.  There IS NO END to the possibilities of what you can fill and create these potential objects with.  

I love numbers and letters because each one is quite the artistic stroke and inspiration.  Random pecking (we'll assume my brain will pick out my favorites first):
A 9 J 2 E 7 O 3 W 8 Y 5

I love chocolate.  And I LOVE chocolate.  Unless I have no other option and am in a state of desperation, I will not usually touch Milk Chocolate of any brand, Nestle, Hershey, Symphony, or what have you.  I normally purchase 45% dark and up.  My favorite is 75% dark as 80% is a real knocker but I have tried the 90% cocoa too and was pleased.   I prefer it with nuts, fruit, cream-cheese, coconut, and even... chili peppers.  

I love to ponder matters of existence and law such as:
What it would be like to add another digit to the alphabet and what it might look like and sound like.
What it would be like to add another digit (quantity beyond 9) to our sequence of numbers and what it might do to all mathematical rules and calculations.
What it would be like to have six working fingers and toes instead of five.
If it is possible to have a full brain-transplant and how that would affect a person.
If a human were cloned, would he be given a soul, or be an animal, and if the real person died, would the soul of the real person jump into the body of the clone?  And on and on the list goes.

I love the human heart and the blood.  Of all the organs and fluids, these two fascinate me the most.  I also prefer fire and water to earth and air.  Fire and water seem more complex than earth and air.  Water is a hydrogen and oxygen with amazing properties.  Together they extinguish, apart they are volatile.  Fire consumes oxygen as it creeps over a substance and rips it back to its beginnings... without hands.  In the same, something so smooth and silky as water can carve stone and move mountains of earth.  But back to the heart and blood.  .......Later post.

I have rambled enough.  Now it is your turn to tell me what you really Love.

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