Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Perpetual Upcycle Handturned Bowl

You remember that perpetual upcycle I mentioned in my About me?  Here is one example.

My dad brought this simply.... ugly bowl/vase home from Romania when he took a trip there with his parents...  (back to the land of the Roma)  
 After some years I got tired of this ugly thing just sitting around collecting dust.  I liked the grain and tight knots on the one side and decided, it was time for a little fire to purge this rustic piece of rubbish.  

 It took me quite a while deciding what to burn on it.

In fact, I did this totally on a whim.

My calligraphy was done on a whim, without trace or guide line- as usual.

The Calligraphy was of my own invention.  Whimsical.  I felt something like a mix between a Celtic Rune and a Viking/Scottish style.  Something simply and easy to read, yet fat and round and pleasant....just like the bowl.

See, I don't even have an art table, I'm winging it on an ironing board!!

Then I oiled it with Almond oil I use to care for my panflutes.

And the pattern you see on the lip of the bowl, is the Zodiac Leo sign connecting into itself.

Vessel of Honor.

A rather simple yet, profound message.  And perhaps even more quizzical for this, unloved, unwanted piece of Romanian workmanship purchased for mere pennies and hauled across the Atlantic to collect dust on my shelf.

Now, it is something special.  Now, it is a beautiful, oiled, Vessel of Honor that will hold my treasures.
Now it is loved.

It has been placed.

Your Pyro

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