Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Nine Peridots

My bracelet finally arrived in the mail today.  I don't know when I'll take it off.  It's so mesmerizing.

Peridot was known to the Egyptians as the "stone of the sun".  It should not be worn by carnal minded people because they cannot appreciate its delicate, lucid color and spiritual significance.

In history, several famous peridots were mistaken for emeralds, and at one point they were treasured more highly than diamonds!!

I am currently held captive to the beauty of this stone.  I had longed to purchase a peridot bracelet years ago but felt that a bracelet would only accentuate my "hairy" arms.

This bracelet is special- most obvious to you because this blog's URL is "nineperidots"- and why nine stones you ask?  Why not eight or ten as bracelets commonly sport?

Truthfully, I was shocked at the color when I received this bracelet.  There are various peridot greens, there is yellow, yellow-green, Olivine, and brown-green.  I was looking for a very specific hue.  These nine are quite the match.  I can hardly stop staring at them.  They are calming, refreshing, and invigorating.  They give me a sense of serenity and balance and peace.

Also, there are nine stones as I have mentioned yet again!  Nine is my number.  Nine is a very humanitarian number, the magic number of math, the greatest number- zero having no value and ten being the digit of one with zero holding place.  It is also three squared and three to the power of three- 2+7 equaling 9.  The number nine has served as an answer to prayer in my life and so I hold it close.

This is my reminder band.  Like a purity ring it sort of "grounds" me, reassures me, strengthens me.
My peridots nine.

Your Nine