Monday, October 14, 2013

Tribute to Babette

I've been known to lick the wounds of my losses by ranting and raving.  But in honor of my dearest little Babette, I cannot.  She was taken from my life on October the 6th, or the morning of October the 7th by a neighborhood cat.

Memory begin:

She was known as Mother.

Nothing could stop this chick from brooding.

She was the best mom and I loved her through and through for it.

Raised me a good two clutches.  And they're the best behaved little stinkers ever.  

 In 2011, I had purchased an Easter Egger rooster.  I lost him to Coccidosis three months later.  I have been more attached to Wyatt AKA Mr. Fancy Pants/Blue Jeans than any other rooster, even though I had him the shortest time.  I loved his gryphonish appearance, the beard and ear-tufts.  His color and luxurious tail.  His personality was rather mellow, but he was a gentleman and treated his ladies well.

And this is Babette nesting with her sister Clementine.

I lost Clementine to the same creature almost exactly one year before.  I had left to the hospital to hold my newborn cousin Elijah... and returned after dusk to find my dear little Clementine headless, outside the coop, with the cat standing over her.

I loved Clem just as much as Babette, even though Clem was twice the brat.  Her nickname was Turkey.

 Babette was a character too however.  Here you see her throwing a hissy-fit over being pulled off the nest.  I loved to tease her and rub her feathers the wrong way.  She seldom ever bit me but she put on quite a show!!  *tears*  My little tiger.

Because she was a half-breed she was small.  And I thought she was small enough that if I ever peeled her down, she'd look like a Cornish hen under all those feathers.

Truth was, her attitude was the biggest thing about her..... no, strike that.  Her mother's heart was.

And as the memories of my dearests gush forth, back to Clementine- who was also a hard-core brooder.

That Turkey...she was something else.  Just like her sister in many ways.
 Often, after yanking them off the nest, I could turn her on her back and rock her like a baby.  These pictures show me playing with her while she is "broody".

They were my babies though.....
Now I am very glad to have these pictures.  
 When I first got Babette and Clem and their sisters...

I had to orient them to their new home.  And the first night, dusk fell quickly so that when I went out to put them in the coop.... they were so ready to get up on a roost that they all flew to my head and shoulders!!

Then the last, flew up on the back of the one on my head.  There was quite a carrying on!!  I had to keep calm and walk gingerly into the coop and pluck them each off of my head, shoulders, and arms and place them.  ....

Ahhh....good memories.

Babette at one year old.

Babette laying.... she was my best.

Babs, Clem, and Dinah- another I lost from the same batch.  Babette was my little: "Last of the Mahicans." ...and now, she too is gone.

This is a rather humorous picture of them all following me.  It looks as though they are marching.

And finally, the one most of my Pyro fans probably recognize.  I have other pictures of her mothering, and even good video, but this one appeared on my Facebook page as an Easter card.  It is only one of the millions of "tender" moments I witnessed.  

I love you Babette.

You may enjoy the youtube videos of my little Tiger below.

My Sister found one of her black-tipped feathers and gave it to me.  I hope to preserve it somehow, either in a frame, glass, or as a piece of jewelry.