Wednesday, October 30, 2013

House of Horrors

3:00 PM: a wretched Monday no where near over.  I was wearing footpaths in the floors of the neurology office. Actually, it's time for a new pair of walking shoes.

When I stepped into the conference room the doctors normally haunt - and yes, I'm quite aware that Hollow's eve is approaching- my olfactory sense alerted me to the suspicion that someone.... someone... *nose twitches* someone had done something .....something.... *eyes water* naughty in that very spot about a minute and a half ago.  I pressed on.

A few minutes later, when I returned to that very spot it was not the olfaction that spoke again, but the optical department.

"Eesh!  Is that a creature sifting out from under that door?"  It gasped.  We peered closer.
It was greenish in appearance, but not like the amber color prophets have described as being around the throne of God.  Around this throne...dark magic lurked.

The green continued to billow out and became so thick and powerful it was as a monster growing up in front of me.  The long warty green arms reached out to grab me.  But I didn't dare wait to know just how much of it was yet to pass under that threshold.  By the sheer size of it, my olfactory sense knew that ten thousand other such monsters were probably still trapped on the other side of that gate of hell.

I ran, my entire GI tract seemingly possessed by the creature. The nurses at the station nearby questioned my face as I inquired of theirs.  They too were aware of the great evil nearby.  It raised hairs.  Nose hairs.

Yet three more minutes anon, I returned to the spot, compelled to pass by there by reason of my duties. And there, in the way, stood the great green giant, but not a jolly one at all.  I stood frozen in fear.  I dared not move an inch closer to his terribleness.  And yet, he was holding some poor soul prisoner behind that evil gate.  I imagined the unfortunate's face, twisted in agony, wracked with tortures as he or she sat bound to the porcelain throne.

And then, the latch of that hellish gate gave a rattle!  The soul within was attempting an escape!!  A pause.  And then a rattle.  A pause.  And then a great rattle of the handle.  No other sound proceeded.  A pause.

I, stupefied with fear.  Did I dare to slash my way past the great green demon and throw open that gate of evil and free the soul?!  Did I dare?  My very core warned against such an act.  To throw open that dark gate would mean the ascension of all hell's incense.  It was better that one should die for the good of all.  

And then, pounding from within.  The door shook, and the handle rattled.  I would not give in.  It would only be a moment now.  I could just see that twisted face and writhing body groping the handle of the door to freedom, just short of the strength to overcome.  And yet the will ever so beautiful.  And then, with last breath escaping parted lips, he passed for the good of all.

The banging ceased.  All was silence for a great space.  I gave that moment to the soul and his sacrifice with head bowed, hand over mouth and nose.

And then, with great power, the dark gate was flung open!  Out into that hall billowed the mighty forms of terrible green beasts, great clouds of them without number.   It was so furious and wild it was as if all the beasts were taking the shape of one mighty demon.  And from its core emerged the form of a human, upright and alive.  Breathing.

She backed from that chamber of torture leading by the hand a younger girl.  The dead had arisen.  

Your Pumpkin Spice

*Note*  If it were not for merchandisers, Halloween could pass each year and I would never know it had happened.  But if you do something special this time of the year, you may use this as your spooky campfire story.  The author lived this story, and by reason of PTSD, requests to remain anonymous.