Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dream Begin

First posts need ice-beakers.  Something the size of a concrete buster, not an ax.  I'm not fond of the cold because my fingers seem to have poor circulation, but I've always wanted to ice-skate.  I also have a shearling coat and boots in my closet and I can't very well use either in a rain-forest climate.
I've self-published one book and am working un-methodically on another.  But I like to ramble sometimes. And I don't have time for social media.  So here I am.

It is what it is.  Random writings- instead of vague status updates.
Random pictures, instead of selfies and duck-faces.
Random topics, instead of dumb social media games.
If you're anything like me, you agree with ^^.

You probably think social media is for ordinary people.  Or at the very least, a waste of time.  But you will follow this blog.  You will.  You know you want to.  Because you agree with me and after finding agreement, you think I'm pretty awesome.  So get to know me better!

As my ice-breaker... or concrete buster, I begin this Dream post with the mention of my new bedroom. Finally, a bedroom ALL to myself after 21 years.  The first decoration is a major project, currently underway.  One, I would give you pictures of, if cameras took good pictures in the dark.  The Milky Way is going to come alive on my bedroom ceiling over the course of a week or two.  A detailed, accurate expanse of stars will litter my ceiling!!  My ProGlow paints are on the front porch charging for tonight.  Tonight, I begin painting.  Today, I begin Dreaming.

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